The natural balance of life makes it possible to progress and achieve top performance both in sports as well as in working life.

Wellness – Natural Balance Leader

Employee wellness days for leaders and key personnel who want to improve their well-being, balance in life and leadership. Coaching provides tested tools for the development process.

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Wellness – Natural Balance Individual

For leaders and employees who want to gain balance and improve their quality of life and happiness in everyday life.

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Wellness – Natural Balance Sport

For goal-directed lifestyle athletes who want to reach their goals through holistic well-being.

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Wellness – Natural Balance Senior

For pensioners who object medicalization but are interested in their health.

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Wellness – Natural Balance Lecture

For heterogeneous groups who want to find the balance in life and learn about controlling ones’ mind and body through a method from top-level sports.

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Jani Lakanen

Jani Lakanen is a World, European and Finnish Champion in orienteering, a coach and a master of sport and health sciences. Jani is an extremely determined person who gets strength from the joy of life. Jani honestly wants to help people to live in the moment feeling happy.

When you are ready to stop and change the way of life you are not satisfied with, you can start to understand life. The present is created through your choices in the past and the future becomes what you are forming right now.